c4d R13 + cmotion biped cycles 01

Cmotions made in c4d beta. I did not spend the time finessing details like face morphs and failed to fix obvious flaws so don't read these as finessed animations. But it should give you a really good idea of the power of the new character animation features in c4d R13. Oh and I almost forgot, not a single key-frame in any of these tests, and I do consider them rough tests. C-motion is capable of a huge variation of beautiful animations.

now that beta is drawing to a close I'll post more soon and some presets for your own work.

One of the really cool things about c-motion is that you can animate characters or objects WITHOUT rigging them and WITHOUT keyframes. Although the features in R13 will make rigging your characters infinitely more accessible - to be able to do this I think is a truly inspired feature. I made this little test to show you a basic example of this principle. enjoy *